Could You Be a Raggedy Edge Fan?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you could be a potential Raggedy Edge fan.
1. Are you partial to Acoustic Music?
Just about all our music is acoustic, these days. Live shows have used a drum beat from a pedal now and then, but usually not. And recordings are something else altogether, often with keyboard bass, and now and then with synthesizer sounds.

2. Do you like Original, Home-grown Music?
So far, all our recorded music has been original, written by us, that is. Not that we don't like other writers' songs. We do, but we prefer recording our own, since no one else has as of yet, that we know of.

3. Do you like a bit of Live Special Effects*?
Bob has the ability to use effects pedals to augment and change the sound of the acoustic instruments, but usually without losing totally the acoustic nature. A favorite pedal of his is the Looper pedal, on which he records tracks live.

4. Are you ready to hear something besides the same 20 songs playing on the radio?
Not that we wouldn't like to deal with hearing our songs on the radio 50 times a day, but so far that's not happening. So maybe if more people call in to the radio stations and request a song or two, we'll be able to deal with that. For now, if you are tired of hearing the same songs in rotation, move on over to the Raggedy Edge for a bit of a change of scenery. (And if we do get a song overplayed on the radio, we have 79 other ones, and one of them probably needs to get played, too.

5. Do you like songs unfiltered by the Music Industry's "Hit" Formula?
Every few years, a new pattern comes out that songs will follow for a while. Verse, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, coda, etc., etc. We have a few of those. Sometimes, you gotta serve the song and not the corporate sing-songs.

6. Are you protective of your hearing?
If not, you should be. Bob did not take proper care of his ears in the 70s and 80s, and now he has tinnitus. Luckily it doesn't drive him crazy, but he generally doesn't listen to music louder than 90 decibels or so, nor does he like to play it louder. Folks who want to hear the music in noisy places must move closer, and if someone feels we're playing too loudly, we'll turn it down, probably.

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Thanks for taking the survey. Hope to see you soon.