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Have Folk, Will Rock

A mash-up of "Vagabond Holiday" live performances. Pretty awesome considering no click track in play.
We have several shows consisting American Standards songs that we play as Littlest Big Band. Songs by Bing, Frank, Dean, Doris, Ella, Hank, and Elvis and other classic performers are the building blocks for all that came after.
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FRI., JUNE 8, 5-9p
Harmony Hill Vineyard
Bethel, OH

SAT., JUNE 9, 6-9p
Gameday Grille & Patio
Waynesville, OH

FRI., JUNE 15, 7:30-10:00p
Plain Folk Cafe

Pleasant Plain, OH

SAT., JULY 14, 9-11p
The General Denver Hotel

Wilmington, OH

FRI., JULY 30, 11:15a-1:30p
Washington Twp Rec Center Deck Party

Dayton, OH

FRI., AUG. 17, 5-9p
Harmony Hill Vineyard
Bethel, OH

SAT., AUG. 18, 7:30-9:30p
Clifton Opera House
Clifton, OH >< Full Band Show

FRI., AUG. 31, 6-10p
The Greene Town Centre
Beavercreek, OH >< Full Band Show

FRI., SEP. 28, 5-9p
Harmony Hill Vineyard
Bethel, OH

SAT., NOV. 24, 4-7p
Talon Wines
Lexington, KY
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