House Concerts

House concerts provide an intimate setting for artist and audience to interact; however, it's usually best not to set up in front of the dart board.
Music in your living room
One of the best places to hear music is in your house, and as it turns out, one of the best places to play music is also in your house. It's easier to do than you might think, and lots of fun for everyone who enjoys music!

How do I do it? House concerts have grown into a nationwide and global network of hosts, artists, and fans, many of whom join together in various online conglomerations to support one another. One of the oldest is called Concerts In Your Home, where you can read a lot more about house concerts than you thought possible.

According to their definition, a house concert is "an invitation-only concert in someone's home, presented by a host who does not profit financially from the event."

House concerts are usually:
> held indoors and on weekends (*though we don't mind early evening weekday events)
> attended by 10-50 people
> paid for by a $5-20 donation per guest (for the performer)
> often include light snacks, beverages or a pot-luck dinner
> performed with little or no amplification
> very intimate - audiences sit close and are attentive
> a 45- to 60-minute set of original music (can be two sets of 40 minutes, especially on weekends).
> booked with and without a financial guarantee (can vary by host and by artist)

Nice weather + big yard = Yard Concert

So, what does that look like in reality?
The actual planning and running of the event can be tight or loose, depending on how seriously the host, musicians, and crowd treat it. We treat it very seriously, so when we start, you're at a concert to listen to music because we are there to play and entertain.

We also don't mind if we make some money. In the big networks, musicians can make upwards of $500 for an hour of song and mingling and CD selling. In those areas, around $20 a person is the norm. So the musician has to be really good!

We often find ourselves trading food and lodging as part of the deal. And not all hosts want to ask their guests to help pay for the music (though it's no different from asking for donations to make a beer run). Most people who appreciate music have no problem donating when they learn that's what's expected.

So...we've talked you into having your first house concert. Here's what might happen next:
1: Find a date four to eight weeks away that both you and your favorite singer-songwriter can get together. (You need time to send invitations and get RSVPs, but not so far ahead that people forget.)
2: Invite music-loving friends, about 12 to 24 in most cases, more if your home is bigger, fewer if it's small. (You can also look into using a bigger room at your company, church, or your rich friend's bigger house.)
3: Set up a room, deck, or patio with a few extra folding chairs or stools.
4: Socialize for an hour or so before concert.
5: Clang a spoon against a glass and get folks into their seats. Introduce the musician(s) (and the Donation Jars). Have 45- to 60-minute concert.
6: Listen to authentic, original music, clap and cheer at the end of songs.
7: At the end of the concert, the host thanks friends for coming, makes sure everyone knows where the tip jar and merchandise are located, and lets folks know where to proceed next, whether it's more food, or out the door.

Note: Well-prepared artists will have a handy note card preprinted with a bio for the host to read. Something that includes where they're from, what their music is like, and what to say about donations.

Most importantly, house concerts turn your get-together into something extra-special and FUN! So everybody wins, the musicians, the hosts, and the guests. For more information or to set up a House Concert, send us an email, or use the form on our Contact Page, or call us at 937 - 245 - 9165.

Here are some comments from folks who have hosted us:

"What a talent these two are. Don't ever pass through here without giving me a call." ~ C. Warrington, Jackson, Tennessee

"We very much enjoyed hosting Raggedy Edge for our backyard concert. My friends were enthralled to have two such great performers who had a real story to tell through their music! The setting was beautiful as it was my own backyard and my guests all had a great time. It really added a new element to entertaining at home!" ~ K. Coughlin, Fort Myers, Florida

"We loved the intimacy of the performance, the banter between songs, the type of music you played, and being able to actually meet and talk with you after the set. Everyone was tapping feet or bobbing heads. Everyone has commented to me about how much they enjoyed the experience." ~ A. Adams, Venice, Florida

In Closing: In our brief time together, we've been able to help put together house concerts in
Florida (4)
New York
North Carolina

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